Fiber laser welding system


CYWELD is the Cy-laser’s fiber laser welding system ideal for automatic welding of two overlapping sheets and for the production of a semi-finished product which can be used for plate heat exchangers and conditioned silos. Once the sheets have been welded with the fiber laser, the semi-finished product could be later deformed thanks to the injection of a high-pressure gas. The thrust of the gas allows to form a kind of “canalization” into the component itself.


  • The system keeps the two overlapping sheets locked together while the laser head is welding a path according to a CAD/CAM program that allows to easily set all welding parameters (profiles, thicknesses, dimensions, etc.).
  • A mobile roller shutter allows the front access to the working area. Moreover, an added accessibility is also provi-ded thanks to specific lateral doors.
  • The laser, through a monitored fusion, welds the top sheet (top layer) with the lower one (base layer) by penetra-ting partially the base thickness.
  • Thanks to the process option Vega, it is possible to extend the weld puddle by reducing process imperfections.
  • Moreover, by increasing/decreasing the power, we increase/decrease welding penetration.
  • The fiber laser system guarantees a high efficiency and welding repeatability, as well as reduced energy and spare parts consumption.

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