CYT5 and CYT9: Cy-laser’s systems to cut tubes having different profiles with minimum of 15mm to maximum 225mm diameter and manage loads from 20 to 40 kg/m.

Main features:

  • Unique construction philosophy, use of Off-the-Shelf components
  • EVO III proprietary cutting head, the most advanced in fiber laser industry, being the result of a very long experience in this specific process
  • User friendly interface and dual versions CAD-CAM software 2D and 3D modulation
  • Innovative modular structure to meet customer’s different needs
  • Tube loading: manual, automatic, step loader, bundle loader. All solutions can be integrated with automatic storages (single tube or bundle of tubes)
  • Collision control systems through a magnetic breakaway torch
  • Possibility to perform cutting samples directly at the machine
  • Automatic setting of clamps with adjustment of jaws for a remarkable reduction of production change time
  • Adaptive tube clamping with automatic adjustment for more effective closure on material of any thickness.
  • Maximum suction guaranteed during entire processing time
  • Automatic scrap conveyor.