By land or by sea, a perfect restaurant begins right from the cutting quality

Innovation, technology and professionalism represent for Eurosteel the key points to achieve the excellence in all its processes, by paying great attention and precision to all details. Its activity is performed with the use of advanced production systems among which there are 3 Cy-Laser fiber laser machines through which Eurosteel produces parts especially intended for large hotel and naval catering sector.

Eurosteel was founded in 2003 at Tezze di Vazzola (Treviso) thanks to the experience of Mr. Lucio Peruzzetto, who, together with his son Luca, decided to start up a company initially oriented towards special stainless steel working processes followed by light carpentry and sheet metal working with third party production and sale of stainless steel, iron and alluminum parts. Initially the company was composed by 4 people; over the years it has reached about 30 employees; today Eurosteel is considered a leading and reference company for sheet metal working in various sectors: among all the large naval and hotel catering.

“We started our activity with a TPP, a shear and a press brake – Luca Peruzzetto, CEO of Eurosteel says – then in 2010 our key meeting with Cy-Laser. We purchased our first laser in that same year when there was still a lot of uncertainties about fiber laser technology; we evaluated all options available in the market and chosen which we believed was the best. Livio Campana, founder of Cy-Laser and first to invent the such technology for the cutting field, has brought us to visit a customer and see one of their machines in operation. Livio was so comfortable about the benefits of the fiber laser technology that he put on writing specific figures which would have determined a specific forecast confirming that if it was not happening, he would immediately withdraw the machine”. 

His determination but above all his experience in the field convinced us to try and from that day everything has changed. Peruzzetto says that this decision has represented a turning point which has changed the working method in his company especially from the production point of view; after the purchase of their first fiber laser, a CY2DHL4020 model, the number of orders increased significantly.

Eurosteel produces stainless steel work benches for professional kitchens of cruise ships. “Despite the great competition – Peruzzetto continues – thanks to our range of machine we are able to offer an optimum service and a quality product”.

What were the reasons that convinced you to acquire the process technologies from Cy-Laser and which were the added value targets for your business? 

“Today – Peruzzetto said – we have 5 press brakes and 3 Cy-Laser units. It all started when our customers requested that material had to be laser cut. At that point we realized that we could not limit our production but to the contrary we had to take the venture. Reasons for chosing Cy-Laser? Certainly, the ease of use, a minor consumption than expected, the cutting speed and the minimum or almost non-existent mechanical maintenance”. 

The satisfaction of the choice made for the first laser purchased, in 2010, led to the above mentioned increase of orders which convinced the company to integrate, in 2015, another laser, CY2D HL3015 with a 3,000 x 1,500 mm ((5’x 10’) cutting table and, in 2018, an even larger machine, CY2D HL6025 with a 6,000 x 2,500 mm (8’x 20’) table.

Thanks to this latest machine – Peruzzetto remarks – we offer a high quality product by producing big kitchen counters in one piece thus eliminating the need of subsequent welding”. Few months ago, Eurosteel has implemented another cutting-edge technology by Cy-Laser: the galvanometric marking head an accessory that the entrepreneur from Treviso has decided to install on 2 laser units which means a further improvement to its efficiency where items produced need to be coded.

From the markers – Peruzzetto continues – to a labeller, which was requiring the presence of an operator for at least 6-7 hours a day; thanks to this latest Cy-Laser solution we managed to make a big step ahead. Today we need only 10 minutes to program the software and the rest is done automatically with consequent reduction of resources, production time, dead time and a zero error percentage”. 

What are the machine strengths mostly appreciated and for which reasons?

The main strengths of the machines supplied by Cy-Laser appreciated by Eurosteel are basically the same of those well received by its own customers: product quality and above all its cost reduction being the consequence of the reduction in production times.

If we consider – Peruzzetto ends – that our three lasers work continuously for at least 9 hours a day, the fact that we never faced mechanical problems is a guarantee that pushes us to rely always on Cy-Laser. In 10 years we have only applied for ordinary maintenance services. Indeed, on the CY2DHL4020 model we have changed the protection screens only twice in 2 years while as regards to the focus lens the average is one every 5 years. To us this is absolutely surprising as is the significant production increase”.