​For us, owning a Cy-laser fiber laser cutting system, is a great pride and, above all, an important investment made for the verticalization of production, which has always been one of the prerogatives of our company and a condition that makes us different from our competitors. We chose Cy-laser because after an analysis of its structure, we found a lot of analogies with our company. Moreover, in Cy-laser everything is made in Italy and this is for us a factor of primary importance. Then the price of the system was cheap and correct. We are definitely very satisfied with our purchase and with the service provided.”  

These are the words of Graziano Borelli, owner of Borelli Group, an Italian company known all over the world for offering targeted solutions for the rinsing, filling and closure for glass and plastic bottles for wine, oil, distillates, liqueurs, fresh pasteurized milk, natural beer and food liquids in general. We are so proud of his words that motivate us and give us the determination for doing always our best, for them and for every new Cy-laser customer!