Laser cutting system pioneers

Since its founding in 2004, CY-Laser has pioneered the practical application of fiber laser sources
by focusing the efforts of a team of more than 30 different suppliers and industrial partners
on the goal of moving this exciting technology from the laboratory to the production floor.

Hundreds of successful installations later, CY-Laser is an acknowledged global leader in fiber laser cutting
and welding systems incorporating custom automation and part handling to achieve unprecedented productivity.









CY-Laser worldwide

CY-Laser is present in the most innovative highest calling industrial cluster.
This guarantees widespread presence of our technicians
that shall respond promptly to all clients requests.

Why CY-Laser

Of the three major families of laser technology; Fiber, CO2 and Nd:YAG, fiber optic offers capabilities uniquely suited
to a broad range of innovative applications.

The major benefits of fiber laser sources are radical simplification of the source architecture,
and extremely low power consumption which translate directly into lower capital and operating costs
combined with high levels of controllability and efficiency.

With hundreds of installations worldwide, CY-Laser has been at the forefront of fiber optic laser source system
development and commercialization since 2004.

Brave spirit, iron soul

Everyday we accept challenges and we support
all sport local experience which represent this spirit.