Laser cutting system pioneers

Since its founding in 2004, CYLASER has pioneered the practical application of fiber laser sources
by focusing the efforts of a team of more than 30 different suppliers and industrial partners on the goal of moving this exciting technology
from the laboratory to the production floor.

Hundreds of successful installations later, CYLASER is an acknowledged global leader in fiber laser cutting and welding systems
incorporating custom automation and part handling to achieve unprecedented productivity.









CYLASER Worldwide

CYLASER is present in the most innovative highest calling industrial districts.
This guarantees widespread presence of our technicians
who shall respond promptly to all clients requests.



The main advantages of using fiber laser sources are:

– Radical simplification of the source architecture
– Extremely lower energy consumption resulting into lower operating and initial investment cost
– High level of control and machine efficiency

Brave spirit, iron soul

CYLASER is by vocation close to the world of sport: a competitive mentality that leads to face all challenges
with the same rigor, planning and determination which every sportsman puts in the moment of preparation and,
even more, in the race. The CYLASER sponsorships, in the local communities, are an example of how the business
and sport joining leads to create a virtuous and winning circle.