Compact Store

AUTOMATION Compact Store

The Compact Server Store is a loading and unloading automation which enriches  CY Laser’s fiber laser product range.

This system represents the ideal solution for those companies that have the need to stock and manage through the automation different thicknesses and materials.

The tower can be customized either by determining the quantity of cassettes based on total height of customer’s facility and/or establishing which cassettes are to be dedicated for loading and which for the unloading of the material.

Based on working program, the Compact Store manages a specific cassette and through similar process of Compact Server, it manages the working of relevant sheets which will then be located in a precise position of the tower.

One of the key elements of the Compact Server Long/Side is represented by the management program CY-Scheduler.

This has been internally developed by CY Laser’s R&D staff and works in File Manager mode; it allows a simple management and effective of the sequences which can be modified also during cutting process.

CY-Scheduler can be interfaced with all most common Cad-Cam programs and makes available all production and consumption data necessary for the E.R.P. to satisfy the “smart” production requirements typical of “Industry 4.0”.


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